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3rd Party Business Blog Advice

If you are in search of Business Blog Advice, then the type of professional you need is one that only deals with the development of blog sites. Other bonuses for the businesses that are need of just how to run their business blog is to find a consultant that also knows how to run a successful campaign that increases the traffic to your blog site.

Business Blog Advice SEO

The development of a business blog site is similar to other types of websites. The SEO techniques must be placed in the websites makeup correctly. This will make it possible for the search engines to know just what topic the blog site is offering to the public. It is also allows the search engine bots easy access to the site so it can be categorized correctly in the Search Engine Ranking Positions (SERP’s). This is essential to reaching the target audience.

There is a major difference between having a high traffic site and having one that attracts your target audience. Many consultants make great promises of huge traffic. The problem is that the conversion rate is rather low because general traffic, or in most instances the redirected traffic, is not necessarily looking for your product or service. Just having traffic alone will not be of benefit to your site. Your campaign must be focused so that the people looking for what you have to offer can find you in the easiest manner possible.

Your Campaign Business Blog Advice

This is why we talk about a focused campaign with the posting of multiple articles on the site using specific keywords to target. This is how you can successfully attract your target audience. The postings must be of high quality so that the people viewing your site will trust what message you are conveying to them. This will then translate trust to your product and services.

The postings on your business blog should not be reiterations of sales pages but informative data in your business sector. By providing general high quality information, you will develop a level of trust with those that visit your business blog. The advice from the 3rd party consultants will show you how to accomplish this in the easiest manner.

A campaign to expose the internet to the valuable information you are providing is another area the 3rd party blogger specializes in. They know where the different target audiences frequent on the internet and how to get their attention. They also know how to satisfy the search engines so favorable rankings in the SERPs occur.

3rd Party Blog Advice

The 3rd party blogger’s advice is multi-faceted and should all be considered. If your organization only uses part of it, the true results of their approach to increasing your traffic with your target audience cannot be fully realized.

In most instances the results will begin to appear within the first month. Just like in the real world, the cyber world only has instant success stories for those that deploy inadvisable tricks that will cause your website to be delisted and subsequently lose traffic in the long run.

The Business Blog Advice from this 3rd party blogger is for the long term success of your organization. There are short cuts, but they will be devastating to your long term goals.

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The 3rd Party Blog

corporate growth image

A 3rd Party Blog Described

The 3rd party blog is more than a name of a company and website, but a philosophy of conducting business on the web. They are in business to help other websites promote themselves, but in an honest way.

Because of this, they have earned credibility with the surfers of the internet as providers of valuable insight on numerous topics that span the informational highway. The promotions are not just an advertising campaign that is repeating the same message over and over again to buy a certain product or service. This company delves into the topics and finds out what is at the root of it.

A 3rd Party Blog Promotes

We do not promote porno sites, cyber sex, gambling, or the illegal pharmaceutical outlets that are out there just to separate the consumer from their money. This is a company that promotes wholesome companies that have products and services that are beneficial to their consumers.

By being an outside party that has access to a business, a new perspective can be given. We view a business as others see it. We look for its strengths and emphasize them in the appropriate fashion so others can see their benefits.

The approach is that of yesteryear, an honest day’s work for honest pay. We know how to find the appropriate target audiences and then direct them to where it would be most beneficial for them.

A 3rd Party Blog is Affordable

We do not have the highest prices, because we believe in delivering value to our customers in both the quality of work produced and the return on investment it provides them.  Once we interview you and determine the best approach for a blog for your business we will present you with a firm Scope of Work (SOW) agreement and you will be amazed at how little of an investment you will be required to make to reach untold thousands of buying customers.

Along with the company blog that we will design and build for your business, we will craft all of the articles to provide the best possible keyword ranking for your particular niche.  You will not have to do anything other than to give us your thoughts on where you want to go and who you want to reach with your business blog.  We do all of the blogging for you.

We are the 3rd party blog that is the leader in our sector of business that is being copied, but never duplicated.



21st Century Business Blogging

business blogging image

Business Blogging is the wave of the future for an organization to increase their profit potential in the new emerging global market place. This is the path to success for the 21st century and many business owners have already jumped on board.

It is true nearly everyone has used the internet to find data or information they need, but many are not aware of the mechanism that makes it all possible for the sites to be easy to find. To reach the top of the SERP’s for any specific keyword is not a fluke or happen by accident. This requires detailed planning and execution of a known path for a business to achieve this goal. This exact path is not general knowledge and most are not fully aware of it unless they have been exposed to it.

To reach the top of the SERP’s requires an organization to not only have a website where their business can place blog postings about their business but there is also the required self promotion campaign that must be conducted. Without this campaign, a business owner would just have a site in the hope that their target audience will find them. It is like having a business store on a dead end street. If someone just happens across it, they will know about it, but for the most part it will go unnoticed.

The campaign that will gain an organization’s exposure on the internet will have to involve the placing of links back to your site on numerous other websites. There are numerous paths your organization can take to accomplish this goal. Because the choices are so diverse and complicated, most business owners then find it necessary to hire a third party blog consultant to assist them in this endeavor.

The 3rd party blog consultant is the expert in the field of helping organizations to achieve their goals of increasing their traffic to their website.  One of the main differences between the many consultants is how much of this traffic is from your desired target audience. This has to be understood, Traffic is great but traffic from your target audience that is looking for the information you are providing is significantly better.

It is the target audience that will be using your services or making the purchases of your products when they find your website that are highly desired. To attract them is not a simple task to do. Knowing where they visit on the web and getting their attention is the profession of the 3rd party blog consultant. The means in which this can be accomplished are many but include article marketing, guest blogging, web site commenting and many more. Each one of these requires the knowledge of just how the mechanism works to the advantage of the organization for them to have a positive impact.

In many instances the companies that use Business Blogging to expand their business notice an increase in revenue being generated by the website. It all begins with an increased exposure to those you are looking to attract.  The main advantage of SEO and Search Engine Marketing is that the viewers that come to your site through search are already primed as buyers of your product.

Now that you know the right things that you should do in regards to business blogging, think about turning the whole project over to a professional blogging team that can handle the whole project for you.  We here at will design and build and write all the content and handle of the day to day blog maintenance and will even include some SEO features that will help to make your business blog rank well.  Use the contact form or the “Request a Quote” tab to see what we can do for your company.


Your Company Blog Sells

company blog sells graph

Having a company blog is all about improving a company’s site rankings so more traffic can flow your way. This is the name of the game for eCommerce on the internet. The flow of traffic dictates who gets the views and sales from the surfing consumer. Traffic is the key to increasing your company’s revenue stream from the cyber portal called the internet.

Creating traffic is what the establishing of blogs for companies is all about. Unlike the static home sites most companies own, the blog is in a constant state flux. With a continuous flow of new postings available on the blog, the readership will always have something new to view.

These new postings should be of unique in origin, along with being high-quality reading material. This will be viewed favorably by not only your visitors but by the search engines. The bots that are sent from the search engines to scan the different internet sites look for certain characteristics of a site for their profile. These characteristics include originality of the postings, uniqueness of the postings, number of articles that are viewable by visitors, the speed in which the site loads, and the number of links that are connected to it.

All of those characteristics are vital to a site’s ranking on the SERPs. Most of these characteristics are influenced by the site owner. They decide on the articles and their quality, along with how fast the site loads. The one area they can work to improve on a constant basis is the number of links that are running towards the site.

Links are thought of as votes, and the more you have, the more popular your site is viewed to be. The more you have the higher in the SERPs your site will rise. The links to the company blog are directly linked to the company’s main site because of association with it. This association is how the rankings of the blog directly influence the rankings of the company’s home site and its rise in the SERPs, and revenue stream.

For those of you that are interested in having your own company blog but do not have the time or resources to devote to operating it you may take advantage of our expertise and we will create your company blog. Along with thei third party blog service that we offer, you will also be given enoguh on page and off page SEO to make your blog stick out in front of the competition.

Let us blog for you at


Using a Business Blog the Right Way


Using a Business Blog in the appropriate manner can increase your traffic to the blog and your main business website. To do this you need an online business plan so you can set a path in place for you and those working with you to follow. This is similar to any other business plan, you will need to determine your goals and scope of just what you plan to achieve with this new marketing tool.

Because most of us have experience on the internet as surfers but lack the expertise in the area of running a successful website, the use of a 3rd party professional blogger is advisable. Just like any area of business, the experts know the business atmosphere and how to make it work for your purposes better and faster than if you did it on your own.

One of the first things that needs to be decided on is just what type of platform is your new business blog going to be based on. The two most common include a sales platform and an information platform. If your blog is going to be based on selling your products or services to your target audience, then some portions of your site will be similar to that of an affiliate marketing site. This will have to include both the soft and hard sales along with an aggressive marketing scheme to attract your target audience who are already convinced they are in need of your product or services.

For the business blog that is based on supplying your target audience with accurate data and information will not include any sales pitches. This type of site is only there to attract your target audience and inform them about items of interest to them. This is also the type of site that can use an aggressive article marketing campaign to attract your target audience so they become aware of your main site and what you have to offer them.

Because your business blog site is about conveying information, you have the greatest possibility to increase the creditability for your blog and your associated website. The better quality of this information along with it being current will help place you and your site as an expert on the subject. This will help your business blog to attract an increasing number of visitors that are focus on your niche.

To begin this process of creating a business blog as an informational site, you need to construct the site correctly along with the postings that will be used to expose your site to the internet surfing public. This is where the 3rd party consultant will make their biggest impact for you. They know where to place you keywords to make them most effective. They are also well versed in where to post your new content along with generating this all important content that your target audience is in search of.

This is how you can be using a business blog to expand your real world business. It might not be a full time job to do, but tasks need to be preformed each and every day to keep your sites momentum going. The 3rd party consultants are the experts in know just what will help the most in this area of business.

If you company wants a business blog but you do not have the knowledge or resources to build and maintain a company blog, then let us do it for you.  Just use the “Contact” tab or the “Request a Quote” tab and we will be happy to discuss your business blog requirements.


Describe Third Party Blogging

teamworkThird Party Blogging Described

With third party blogging becoming a mainstay business on the internet, more company blogs are becoming the viewers’ choice of medium when the desire for information is necessary.

The bloggers that maintain a company blog are not the same that can be found on the social sites across the internet. Most of them are rank amateurs that post on rumors and gossip to help create a following. This way, they can attract advertisers to help give them a revenue stream.

The company blogger is a different breed of writer. Their sole purpose is to inform the public about the facts of a company. This is to include promotional items or events so the American consumer can take advantage of them.

Another direction the company blog goes in is the detailed product information category. On most company web sites, there are brief descriptions on the products and service they have to offer. Because most companies have many such products, in-depth details are sometimes omitted because of space limitations.

With a company blog, each product can have a feature article written about it. This allows for more in-depth analysis and exposure of the product being discussed. When this type of article is then put into an article marketing campaign, exposure on the net for both the article and home site of the company is significantly magnified.

Credibility is another factor a company blog can bring to a company. A company blog that is maintained by a third party will have an increased credibility with the public. This approach walks a very fine line, but can be accomplished. One part of it is that there is a declaration stating that the site is a third party blogging forum for accurate information for public use.

The possibilities of a company blog are nearly limitless, as are the options available for the business world.  For instance what we can do for you here at is to totally take over all of the duties associated with your company blog.  We do research on your product or service and look intensely at your competition to determine the best method to find an area in your niche that we have the best opportunity to drive your business blog to the top.

Keyword research is done constantly to engineer content that is appropriate and attractive to your target audience.  Your readers will become engaged and will be much more inclined to click through to your primary company website, or product or offer that you are promoting.

We do not stop there.  In addition to excellent blog content that is on target, we also perform onsite SEO as well as offsite SEO on a continuing basis.  These methods will keep the search engines coming back often and your blog content will have a much better chance of moving up in the serps than your competitor.

Please click on the tab at the top right to “Request a Quote” and find out what we can do for your company blog.



How Do I Go About Running a Business Blog?

The Panel on Search Engine Marketing during Q&A

Image by MikeSchinkel via Flickr

Running a Business Blog

Running a Business Blog is more complicated than any other form of advertisement. This is the medium that is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week, but the target audience can be elusive if you do not approach them in the correct manner. This is where a third party blog consultant will be advantageous to have working for you.

The 3rd party blog professional knows there is more than just placing a website on the internet in order to attract the necessary targeted traffic for the blog to serve it intended purpose. They know how to get the word out, so to speak, so your target audience will know where to find you. This is done in a multitude of ways.

Business Blog SEO

The best way for your prospective clients to find you is to have a place in the Search Engine Rank Positions, SERP’s, for specific targeted keywords that help describe the type of merchandise or services you provide the general public. This task takes time because it requires you to be in direct competition with other websites in your niche that have also chosen those keywords.

One of the key components of what the search engines are looking for is credibility of the websites. Credibility is earned in many different ways, but one that is necessary is the length of time your site is up and running. This is why the purchase of your site is so important to do as soon as possible. If you already have a website, then your blog should be linked to it with a niche related name so the association can be made relatively easy for the search engine tools.

With this blog site up and running, the 3rd party blogger can then help you by posting relevant and informative content on the site that has targeted keywords. These keywords have to be placed in specific positions in the articles to assist the search engines in noticing them and giving them the required attention.

Business Blog Content

Another necessity of a blog posting that must be coordinated is the required links in the content. These have to include both internal and external links to achieve maximum benefit from how the search engines will rank your site. The better and higher quality the links, the better your site is perceived to be by the search engines.

The internal links have to be on your targeted keywords along with your external links. This increases your credibility. The external links coming in will need to be from multiple places include your competitors sites, social sites and forums that can be made. What most business do not realize is that an article marketing campaign of placing your content on the multiple social sites is primarily for the link back to your website. The secondary reason is that it might get noticed and possibly picked up and placed on another site with a link back to your blog.

The links make a major contribution to your rankings in the SERP’s.  As an example, the number one site in the world, Google has over 4 million links. FaceBook has almost 6 million, YouTube has just under 3 million and Yahoo is just shy of 2 million. These are the top 4 sites in the world on the internet.

Running a Business Blog involves more than what most brick and mortar business realize. Just like with any other area of business, the advice from an expert is required for it to reach it maximum potential.  By having an experienced professional blogger at the helm of your company blog you will shoot to the top ranks much faster that if you used the do it yourself approach.

Not only will you have a professionally designed blog, you will receive highly keyword optimized keyword blog content posted on a regular basis to keep those search engine spiders coming back.  The proper internal and external links that are oh so important and many other forms of SEO will be performed by a team that will save you the bother, time and money to do it yourself.

Please use the tab marked “Request a Quote” for a business blog that we will build and operate for you.


Need Someone to Write My Blog

write my blog

Robert Scoble Blogger

Write My Blog

When you are a full time worker and starting to establish a business, it is not possible that you can do everything. Blogging is now becoming an ideal avenue to help you with your business to be successful especially budding businesses, it is an easiest means to increase the sales, but if you are busy, it is not possible that you can do this because it requires time and effort.

One question that you will ask yourself is “I need someone to write my blog”. Yes it is possible to do this via outsourcing or third party blog.  Even though, it is still very ideal if you are able to write your own blog because you have the power and control on what message you wanted to convey to the customers via your personal writing. On the other hand, if you can find a blogger, it will be an ideal means to save energy and time.

The first thing that you need to remember is when you hire someone. Be sure that he or she is willing to write a blog that serves your niche. Also the style is a very significant factor to remember, be sure that the blog writer can write similar to your style, so that it would not be a massive shift.

Be sure to get lots of samples from the blogger, get samples that are very similar to yours. By this you can able to review their writings. If they are already a blogger, it would be a big help if you can read their samples or if they have written several home based business articles before, you need to get the samples too. In some case, you may need to ask them to write something that is relevant to yours.

Write My Blog is Different than a Third Party Blog

Before starting the blog, it is very important that you tell them clearly what you want. The instruction that you will provide must be specific. They can only deliver the goods if you can deliver clear directions. You can give them the list of keywords that you wanted to use and they will write an article based on those topics. By this you can have control of your blog.

In case you are not satisfied with their job, don’t be afraid to tell them that their style is not the one you are looking for. Most of the times, writers do not mind. You pay them to work, so it is very important that they can provide an input that you want. As a matter of fact, it can also help the writer or blogger to know their mistakes.

Find the right person with Write My Blog

Finally, take time when choosing a person that will write for your blog because it will cost your time and effort. Again, take some time when reviewing their previous works. If you want you can ask them to write some topics for you. By this it can help you assess who is better and can able to deliver the best service that you want.  Before they start, make sure that you have provided all the necessary instruction that they need.

You may advertise on forums by saying, Need someone to write my blog, and there is a good chance that you will have several offers.


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What is a Third Party Blog?


third party blog advertising

Advertise with a Third Party Blog

Third Party Blog Described

Blogging is now becoming a useful means to earn money online. It is now also the easiest way to advertise online. Many business owners have decided to go online when they are promoting their product or services. This is because more and more people are logging on the internet every day.  Reading blogs is one of the common pastimes of some people, so putting your product advertisement in a blog is very effective. But what if you are also busy and you cannot update your blog every day? Well a third party blog is the best option.

Third party blog is the best option if you want to have an updated blog which reaches the online users without problems. Third party blogging is possible when you hire or get the service of another person that will write for your blog.

In the event that you have chosen public blog hosting like blogger or, you will have an inadequate means to use a sub domain as a web address, so this make it complicated for you to switch domains in the domain traffic. Self-hosted blogging is the best means because it will connect you to your individual level domain, which makes it simple for you to forward visitors as well as to keep the traffic you have built after a while.

Third Party Blog Done For You

Even though public blog hosting provides you with a limited amount of templates that you can choose, using our own blog hosting software allow you to work with a lot of wider array of themes which can be customized when you choose. In addition, much dependable hosting software also supports several plug-in, so that you can choose useful add-ons to be protected from spam, feed syndication and website analytics.

When you have successfully created a third party blog with an excellent domain name that you own, it will absolutely help your business to become more professional. Just use an applicable domain name that supports the brand as well. When you choose a self-hosted blogging, you must be able to receive and send email attached into your domain name for further reinforcement of the credibility of your brand.

Blogging is now becoming an ideal platform to increase the popularity of your product via online advertisement. When you use our own third party blog hosting, the host of the blog is allowed the revenue which is brought in by certain advertisements that are placed into your blog. In disparity, a self hosted blog also allows you to have an advantage of the probable source of income. Remember that it is also possible to make a blog and eventually sell it to make a profit.

Earn Money with a Third Party Blog

The internet is undeniably one of the best means to earn a profit.  If you really want to be successful in internet marketing then you have to be open to all possibilities that can absolutely help you to be successful. There are now various means with which you can have a successful business by using a third party blog.


Talking to Trees, In a Desert, With Your Mouth Closed

If you think that is the act of a crazy person, it might be time to check your blog. The internet is vast (200 million blogs and counting as of 2009), and as involved in your own business as you might be, and how interesting every word about it seems to you, chances are most people who aren’t you aren’t looking for your blog. And even if they are, I’m guessing it’s not very easy to find it. Basically, the vast majority of blogs are talking to trees, in a desert, with their mouth closed. “But that’s okay! It’s just backlinks!”


Along with increasing internet presence, a blog can be a wonderful way to actually get more direct traffic to your site via people actually clicking the little thing that leads to your site.


Talk to People Not Trees

In order for people to do that though 3 things need to happen:

1. They need to find your post or blog.
2. What your blog or post says needs to be interesting, entertaining, and different than that other guy’s post or blog.
3. You need to somehow let them know that more treasure awaits if they click that little link at the bottom.

That’s not as easy as it sounds. Take a look at this page. How many posts did you read? How many did you care to read? Someone wrote each and every one with the hopes and dreams that every person who visited would be so caught up in the fantastic info provided that they would immediately go looking for more information – the best laid plans of mice and men.

Here’s how you create a good business blog, no matter what your business is:
1. Get someone else to write it – You don’t have time and you’re not a blogger. If you want to portray a professional feel, that is okay, but blogs should not be too professional, they should be written as if a regular person is talking to another regular person.
2. Don’t get too cute – Two regular people talking, but make sure they are actually talking about something.
3. Consider Trivia – Give them something, it can be a short fact, or any piece of info weaved into your piece, this builds trust for when you do start talking about your business and also makes it more interesting. And if they stop reading, at the very least they left knowing something new.
4. Pretend they don’t care – Most don’t, so quickly, accurately, and in an interesting way let the reader know that there is some benefit to reading this blog or post.

So go forth from the desert, and begin talking to real trees with your mouth actually open… better yet talk to people.

This has been a Guest Post by Jeffrey Gross:
Author’s Bio: Jeffrey Gross is an Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Enthusiast who lives on Long Island, NY. Jeff’s Search Engine Optimization Company (nPromote) helps Long Island business owners (and business owners across the country) get their businesses to the top of the search engines. In his spare time Jeff teaches Search Engine Optimization to small business owners and enjoys lecturing at local colleges and other venues as well.

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